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Board Briefs for Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Board Presentations, Reports & Actions
February is African American History Month 
The Board approved a resolution to recognize February 2017 as African American History Month in BSD. Click here to read the resolution.
Support of Undocumented Students and Families in BSD 
The Burlingame School District is deeply committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all students in our district.  Foremost among those is the fundamental right to equal educational opportunity guaranteed by our State and Federal constitutions.  Long-standing federal and state civil rights statutes affirm that every student must be provided with an educational environment that is safe and welcoming regardless of the student's race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.  The district has always and will continue to defend these rights to ensure that school remains a safe place for all students and families.  Our district values diversity and inclusion.  The following "Statement of Principles in Support of Students and Families" address the privacy rights of students and the educational mission of the Burlingame School District:
  • The Burlingame School District welcomes and supports students and families without regard to their immigrant status
  • If a school site or the school district receives a request for individual student information (including immigration status) the district will work with legal counsel to protect individual student privacy rights
  • The District affirms its obligation to combat bias against any student in the school district and foster a positive, healthy climate by engaging in thoughtful discussion of racism and other bias in our society, while sending the message exclusion of students based on their race, ethnicity, gender or perceived immigration status will not be tolerated.
The Board of Trustees approved a resolution setting forth the Burlingame School District's Principles in Support of Undocumented Students and Families. Click here to read the resolution.
Odd/Even Numbered Board Elections 
The Board of Trustees voted to extend the discussion on complying with Senate Bill 415. Senate Bill 415 requires school districts to change their elections to even years to encourage more voter participation. The board discussed extending and shortening their terms to comply with the mandate. The options for the elections are as follows:
  1. 2017/2019 scheduled elections held with 5 year terms to meet even years (2022/2024)
  2. 2017/2019 elections postponed to 2018/2020 extending current board terms to 5 years
  3. 2017/2019 elections held shortening board terms to 3 years to meet even year requirement (2020/2022)

The odd/even election item will be placed on the February 14, 2017 board agenda. 

Issuance of BSD 2016 General Obligation Bond Series A  
The Board of Trustees approved a resolution authorizing the issuance of Burlingame Elementary School District Election of 2016 General Obligations Bond Series A. The bonds will be sold in March 2017 with funds made available to the district by the end of March.
Debt Issuance and Management Policy and Resolution 
The Board of Trustees approved a resolution and a Debt Management Policy that provides written guidelines for the issuance of indebtedness by BSD in satisfaction of the requirements of Senate Bill 1029. The policy provides a framework for debt management and capital planning by the District. The policy has been developed to identify the purposes for which the debt proceeds may be used, identify the types of debt that may be issued, and implementing internal control procedures.


The agenda and supporting documents for all meetings are posted on the district web page.  

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Check out the alternatives to sitting in traffic for getting your child to school.  Visit our Safe Routes to School page for information about bus routes, and Youth Clipper Cards, traffic flow maps, walking and bicycling resources and other useful alternative transportation resources.  



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