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BIS Bike Club

BIS Bike Club - The BBC

The BIS Bike Club (BBC) meets after school weather permitting, at our bike clubhouse on the upper school parking lot above the Osberg field (map). Our meeting days for the 2018.19 school year will be determined when students return and the club gets going again. Students will work on fixing bikes and creating bike structures, and will learn specific bike maintenance and safety concept. 

The BBC allows youth to explore bicycle mechanics, develop safe riding skills, and experience hands-on fun working with bikes. In addition, we will be developing applications for our Blender Bike generator while learning about electronics and building circuits. 

Our current list of projects include:

  • Recyce-Your-Bike - rebuilding old bikes for riders in need.
  • Pedal Power Kitchen - pedalling up food on our bike-powered blender
  • Power-Up Project - applying our bike-powered electric generators
  • Build-Garden-Structure - with all these extra bike parts, we will start building structures for our garden.

All abilities welcome.

For more information, please contact Rusty Hopewell, District Wellness and Safe Routes to School Coordinator. 

Our Bike Clubhouse - The BikeHouse


Recyce-Your-Bike Program

IMG 1255.JPG

Our Recyce-Your-Bike project allows students to develop and use their tool and bike repair skills to fix our fleet of slightly-in-disrepair bikes. These fixed-up bikes are then donated to students and families in need of wheels. Our fleet of used bikes is kept well stocked by BSD family donations and contributions from the Burlingame Police Department, and helps keep BBC students busy learning mechanic skills through direct hands-on experiences. Most of the donated bikes are repaired and passed on to new riders, but sometimes we just tear them all the way down to see what's inside and for parts. Thanks to the San Mateo County Safe Routes and the CCAG funding that allows us to purchase tools and parts. Find out more how to get involved and/or donate your used bike by visiting our Recyce-Your-Bike webpage. 

Supped-Up Trike Project

IMG 1124.JPG

This project exposes students to battery power and electric motor concepts as they maintain and ride the electrified adult tricycle and other electric bikes. Our electrified trike is used to deliver our bike-blender and supplies to the BSD school sites for healthier celebrations and to deliver other items throughout the district. But mostly, it's used just for fun...

Pedal Power Kitchen Project

IMG 2004.JPGThe Pedal Power Kitchen project will develop bike-powered recipes that utilize our Rock-The-Bike bike-powered blender that compliment lesson plans designed to teach nutrition and physic concepts. The role of the BBC is to develop and test the recipes, so lots of eating. Dates for this project are TBD as we will most likely want to do our cooking on a separate day to keep bike grease out of our food. Here is a YouTube video of a cooking show pilot produced by MESD students that shows one lesson in action. 

Power-Up Project

Our blender bike has a wheel-mounted electric generator (and we have a second bike-powered generator station) that puts out up to 36 volts of DC power. We also have a power converter that allows us to convert that DC into AC power that can power small electrical appliances. So far we have been able to power-up LED lights and play music on our boom box. With this power comes potential, we just need the application ideas. One idea is to build an Arduino circuit for our blender bike that measures cadence and calculates power output. Got any other ideas? 


BBC Bike Service - BSD Employees only

The BBC is now performing bike repair and tune-up services for BSD employees. Use our Service Request Form to request your service today. We can offer basic tune-up and most minor repairs at no cost; major repairs can be performed if the bike owner provides the necessary parts. 

BBC Promo Video


Recyce-Your-Bike Program

Give your old bike some new life. We are accepting used bikes into our Recyce-Your-Bike bicycle recycling program. Donate your bike today and we will refurbish it and donate it to a family in need. Need a bike, let us know. Check out our Recyce-Your-Bike webpage or contact Rusty, the Safe Routes Coordinator to arrange your donation today. 

Adult Mentors Needed

We would like to encourage parents and friends with skills in bike mechanics or electronics to join us in our working on bikes and developing applications for our bike-powered electronic projects. If you have any skills in either of these fields, or want to just be part of the club to offer what you have and pick up some mechanical and/or electrical skills, please contact the Safe Routes Coordinator, Rusty Hopewell.

Please note, all mentor volunteers must pass a Federal background check and show proof of cleared TB testing.