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Recyce-Your-Bike Program

BIS Bicycle Recycling Program

Recycle Your Bike
The BIS Bike Club will take your used bikes (*see criteria below), repair them, tune them up, and then donate them back out to a family in need of wheels.

*Our storage space is now full of used bikes in need of repair. Because space is limited, we can only accept higher-end quality bikes with no rust that only need some TLC. We currently have plenty of old parts-bikes to work on and need to wait until we move these out of our inventory before we can accept any more. Check out these other recycling options for your used bike:

  1.   List of bike recyclers in the Bay Area
  2.   The Bike Exchange in Palo Alto.
  3.   Goodwill

If you have a bike you want to donate and that fits the criteria above, please contact Rusty Hopewell, Safe Routes to School Coordinator

adopta bike
How it Works:

  • Bikes are adopted out on a first-come basis to members of our BSD school community (students, staff, and family members).
  • To adopt a bike please come by our bike shop to review our bike inventory (Bike Shop Directions and Map) and stake a claim to one of our many available bikes. If the bike is ready to go, you can leave that day with it, but most bikes still need a little work which typically takes a week or two to complete (sometimes longer if parts need to be ordered). 
  • Our bikes are free to the public and we cover all costs for only those bike parts needed to get the bike safely running again. If you want to upgrade the bike or add accessories, we will do the work for free if you purchase the parts. 
  • Shop Hours: 2019.20 School year - Tuesdays, 2-3:30 PM, or by appointment.
  • You can send inquiries to Rusty, the program coordinator.From broken  to fixed

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