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Bike-Blender Classroom Celebrations

Three Blender Bikes Are Now Available for Your Classroom Parties

The District's Wellness and Safe Routes to School Programs now have three bike-powered blending machines for your healthy classroom celebrations. Two larger sized blender bikes and a smaller blender bike for the younger students (K-1 grades). There are also two optional attachments for making "old-fashion hand-churned" ice cream and for making spin art. So, put away the cupcakes and apple juice and get your students pedaling up their own healthy celebrations. 


Our cupcake-crushing Rock the Bike Fender-Blender bikes are human-powered blenders capable of making smoothies, pesto, salsa and guac, hummus, fruit creams, and now even ice cream and sorbets, and art.  Choose your favorite recipes from our Bike-Blender Recipe Book. Please note that we will be adding more fruit-based sorbet-style recipes as they are developed and tested - yum!. 

Get Your Classroom Celebration Sponsored - Simply teach one or two Safe Routes to School Lessons from one of these SRTS curriculums, and the BSD Safe Routes program will sponsor your classroom celebration with delivering the bike blender and all necessary food and supplies to make one of the recipes in the Bike-Blender Recipe Book, and the Safe Routes Coordinator will even run the blender if he is available for your celebration. Please contact the SRTS Coordinator, Rusty Hopewell, to arrange your class's sponsorship. 


Watch these promotion videos to learn more about the Blender Bike Program:

  How it Works   --  Cupcake-Buster Promo -- Making Guac Video -- Smoothies on Small Blender-Bike -- Ice Cream Maker -- Spin Art Fun


Checking out the Blender Bikes

Who can check out the blender bikes: BSD classroom teachers, school principals, and PTA secretaries can reserve and check out one of the bike blenders. Checkout periods are one school day or one full weekend, however, principals can request longer checkout periods. Parents can arrange for use of the bike blender through their child's teacher, school principal, or PTA secretary. 

To Request a Bike Blender:

  1. Determine which bike blender is needed: the BB1-Small,  the BB2-Pro, or the BB3-IC (see options below). If making ice cream or doing spin art, make sure to reserve the appropriate blender bike. 
  2. Check the bike-blender checkout schedule in the calendar below. Check out periods are typically for one day at a time (or one full weekend), however requests for an extended period can be submitted. 
  3. The classroom teacher, principal, or PTA secretary e-mails the request to Rusty Hopewell, Safe Routes Coordinator, with the desired day and the Subject: Bike Blender Request {date requested, school, and classroom number}, and include which blender bike is being requested - the BB1-Small, BB2-Pro, or BB3-IC; and any requested accessories - IC-Maker or Spin-Art . 
  4. A confirmation e-mail will be returned to the requesting person confirming the request. 
  5. On the day of the event or the day prior Rusty will deliver the bike-blender to the school's office or classroom.
  6. After event the blender must be cleaned and readied for the next user. A cleaning and cooking kit comes with the blender to assist in the preparation of food and the clean-up. Rusty will retrieve the blender bike as soon as possible. 
Bike Blender Options
FenderBlenderPro.jpg FenderBlenderPro.jpg



For grades K-1

Videos on setting up the BB1


For grades 2-8

Blender only


For Grades 2-8

Blender and Ice Cream Bike


Requires checking out the BB3-IC.

See note below


Requires checking out the BB2-Pro.

See note below

IC-Maker note - the IC-Maker requires checking out the BB3-IC in addition to run the ice cream maker. The Safe Routes coordinator must be be present at the event to attend to technical logistics. 

Spin-Art note - the Spin-Art requires checking out the BB2-Pro in addition to run the spin device. The Safe Routes coordinator needs to assist in the setting up of the Spin-Art bike. 

Product and Technical Videos:

  1. Spin Art Attachment Set-up

  2. Ice Cream Maker Video and Basic Set-up

  3. Ice Cream Maker Full Set-Up


Bike Blender Kit


Bike-Blender Cooking and Cleaning Kit

The borrowing of the bike-blender includes the bike-blender kit that includes all necessary equipment to prepare the recipes and to perform any clean-up.