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Health Education

School Gardens and Cooking

image of gardenimage of cooking clubBIS Has A New Garden!! These pictures are from our old garden (soon to become a student meeting quad and native plant garden). Our new garden is located on the top of campus overlooking the Osberg field (where the T11 portables use to sit). The new garden has new beds (gopher proof - hooray!), new soil (hopefully weed free), new drip system and composting bins, and a new tool shed. We are working to put in a produce sink and make additional improvements. More to come as we grow...


The BIS garden thrives on student participation. The Garden Lunchtime Cooking Club currently meets Monday during lunch - the garden is open to students in the garden club to come hang out, do a little gardening and cooking, and learn about healthy lifestyles. As part of the garden club, the students get to make and eat food harvested from the garden. 


The Garden Club's current project is to test and develop recipes specifically for our Bike Blender, and to record them in the Bike Blender Recipe Book. Find out more on our bike blender on the Bike Blender Webpage.

To volunteer in the garden or for more information, please contact Rusty Hopewell

Health Education Lessons

Health Education for the 2016/17 school year will be offered by the Wellness Coordinator as a series of nutrition-based lessons taught in the PE classes. Middle school PE classes and 3rd-5th grade PE classes will be targeted first, while lessons are developed for lower grades for delivery later in the year.

Resources and Lessons

Middle School Sex Education

Burlingame Intermediate School offers a comprehensive sex education program in both 7th and 8th grades. The 7th grade program covers topics on basic sexual education topics such as birth control methods, preventing sexually transmitted infections, and human reproductive anatomy and physiology. The 8th grade program builds upon that of the 7th grade program and offers instruction in healthy relationships, gender and sexual orientation equality, as well as reinforcing lessons in preventing pregnancy and sexual trasnmitted infections. More on the sexual education program and links to the instructional materials can be found on our Middle School Sex Education webpage

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD)

Burlingame School District offers drug use prevention instruction in 6th grade at Burlingame Intermediate School. The district has adopted the Project ALERT curriculum that is supplemented with a variety of other multi-media and activities. One activity, the Vaping Scavenger Hunt, engages youth to use their smart phones to scan QR codes from info cards hung throughout campus to learn facts and fictions of e-cigerette use. 

The district is a recipient of a Tobacco Use Prevention Education grant from the State of CA. Funds provided through this grant allow us to conduct a biennial survey, the CA Healthy Kids Survey, on student use and perception of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.