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Physical Environment

Healthy School Environments

Burlingame School District is actively identifying ways to improve the health of its schools and classrooms.


Accomplished Improvements:

  • All new carpeting in classrooms utilizes products that minimize or virtually eliminate the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of our school.  The products the district is installing creates a unique floor covering that has all the performance benefits of hard-surface flooring with the aesthetic features of soft-surface flooring. 

  • New non-waxed floors Marmoleum is a natural floor made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content.  Using this flooring helps create reductions in the amount of strippers and chemicals in our schools by hundreds of pounds, improving the IAQ.

Improvements in the Process:

  • Transition to green certified cleaning products, perfume free hand soaps, and recycled content paper products

School Gardens

image of cooking clubGardenFav1.JPGBIS got a brand new garden with lots more space and sun. The old garden has been retired for creating student communal space, but the new garden is already growing. The new garden is located on the upper campus overlooking the Osberg field. 


The BIS garden thrives on student participation. Thursday during lunch the garden is open to students of the Garden Club to come hang out, do a little gardening, and learn about healthy lifestyles. As part of the garden club, the students get to make and eat food harvested from the garden. 


 To volunteer in the garden please contact Rusty HopewellGardenFav3.JPG

School Site Facility Improvements

Bike Parking Improvements

The Burlingame School District is making improvements to its school site bike access and parking through funding from its Safe Routes to School grant. Here are some of the improvements completed and in progress:


Completed Improvements:

  • New BIS bike cage and bike racks completed (2015)
  • New bike racks at Roosevelt, McKinley, Washington, and BIS (2014)
  • BIS Scooter and Skateboard secure parking - installed a Park-A-Bike SkateDocks (2016)
  • New bike racks at BIS replacing the old "wheel-bender" racks, and expanding capacity (2016)
  • New bike racks at Lincoln, Franklin, and Hoover (2016)
  • BIS Bike cage expanded and pedestrian walkway installed across parking lot (2016)

Improvements in Progress:

  • Assessing need for more BIS bike parking. 
  • Assessing bike parking needs at all elementary sites