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Burlingame’s Special Education District Advisory Committee (SEDAC)

Connecting the Special Needs Community

We understand navigating the Special Education and 504 processes may be confusing or scary and families may feel alone.  That is why the Burlingame School District and the Burlingame PTA Council have created the Special Education District Advisory Committee or SEDAC.

SEDAC provides parents and community representatives a way to communicate with the school system that serves children with special needs. The group also works to spread awareness and acceptance of ALL abilities within our community. SEDAC, chaired and organized by parents of students with disabilities, collaborates with district staff to improve special education services and the quality of life for our children.  Each school site has at least one dedicated SEDAC Site Representative. 

What does SEDAC do?

SEDAC works toward connecting our special needs community and assuring quality education and services for special needs children by:

  • Providing input to administration on district special education policies, programs, needs and concerns. 

  • Sponsoring monthly educational programs during the school year.

  • Hosting parent socials.

  • Distribution of information about programs and services available to children with special needs.

  • Connecting families to special services staff and local school communities. 

  • Executing Ability Awareness Week.

  • Representing the BSD special needs community at the BSD Distract Advisory Council, PTA Council and the County SELPA.

Who is included in the Special Needs Community?

SEDAC defines “special needs” as a term that applies to any child with a learning or processing difference, physical disability, cognitive delay, speech & language delay, behavioral challenges, social or emotional difficulty, and those with food allergies. 

What are the monthly educational programs?

During the school year SEDAC hosts monthly information sessions for families with topics ranging from information about some of the special education services available in our district, to information on specific disabilities.  We also host IEP workshops to help families understand and effectively prepare for and participate in IEP meetings.   These information sessions and workshops are always free and childcare is usually provided.

What is Ability Awareness Week (AAW)?

Each year in October, SEDAC also coordinates an annual Ability Awareness Week across the district.  SEDAC coordinates experience stations to help our school community learn about the challenges a child with special needs faces on a daily basis, and learn how to accept, understand and support, everyone and their different abilities. The week also includes visits from organizations like Guide Dogs for the Blind and provides teachers educational resources like books and videos.  These events celebrate our differences and help all children feel part of an accepting and informed community.


How can I stay up to date with SEDAC programs and services?

Another great service is SEDAC’s community email list.  In addition to finding out about upcoming SEDAC and regional events, you can share ideas and propose questions to other families in our district.   Click here to join our email list.  

With SEDAC, you are not alone.

If you have questions or would like to become more involved email SEDAC Chair, Cyndi Wright at:

2017-18 SEDAC Events

2018-2019 Event Calendar coming soon


SEDAC Contacts:


Cyndi Wright




Sandy Lee


Avanti Ambekar

Binnie Goh


Kristen Katz


Karen Gemmer


Bae Cheng  

Christi Wood


Tish Dipman